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Conversion analysis

conversio cro

Analysis of the product or service, user experience, operations, market and competitors, in order to detect possible inefficiencies, new opportunities and necessary improvements.

Recommendations distinguishing between those improvements that are easier to implement and that can have a more immediate effect (quick-wins), from those changes that require a greater cost or development time, as well as improvements whose results are expected in the longer term.


Increasing leads and sales

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Based on the conversion analysis, we recommend different types of marketing campaigns to increase both the generation of leads and sales, with the aim of maximizing the benefit of the business.

The actions proposed in the online medium include improvements in SEO positioning, SEM campaigns, advertisements in different media, development of online events such as webinars, as well as the implementation of automated campaigns for the generation of new leads and sales, and the recurrence of sales.

ab testing

Through the development of A/B testing campaigns we optimize the web to maximize the generation of leads and online sales.

We analyze the elements of the web, as well as the steps in the purchase or lead generation process, detecting possible improvements over the current implementation. Those possible improvements are implemented as variants to the current element. After obtaining a sufficient number of samples, we determine if any of the variants have obtained a higher number of conversions with sufficient statistical relevance over the others.

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