Procesamiento de datos


Data from multiple sources

conectores etl

Connecting and obtaining data from multiple sources for processing and correlation. Among the different sources there are tracking tools, marketing, databases and third-party applications.

Data fetched from tracking and marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads,...

Online communication channels such as social networks, online support tools.

Systems such as databases, CRM, ERP, etc.


Data integration · ETL

etl procesamiento de datos
Processing data from different sources through automated ETL tasks (Extract, Transform and Load). The data is processed to get metrics and identify correlations as well as to generate reports and dashboards that provide relevant business information.

ETL tasks include:

  • Connectors to different sources
  • Dataflow creation
  • Tasks automation
  • Data normalization

Reports and Dashboards

data analytics

Visualization of metrics and KPIs for the different business and work areas of the company.

Development of reports and dashboards that allow users to filter the information by different types of parameters (date range, product or services, types of clients, geographical area, etc...).

Creation of different types of visualizations to obtain information and conclusions from different dimensions and points of view.

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