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Predictive function of educational media: social and political aspect

A round table by Terveluna Q&Q Research Group related to the topic of "Predictive function of educational media: social and political aspect" will be held on September 15, 2022. It is to pay attention to the problem of forecasting political and social crises through the schoolbooks analysis. Participation in the round table as speakers is possible for the recipients of this very letter. The round table will be held in Zoom, and the working languages are Russian, English, and German.

Focus of the discussion

The main focus of the discussion is meant to be on topics such as the historical self-awareness formation with textbooks, the analysis of textbooks in the conflict regions of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, the comparative analysis of the display of educational topics in neighboring countries, the visual communication study in educational media and its formational impact on the worldview of children and adolescents, and the use of visual images as triggers of social tension.

The results will be published in the “Teaching History at School” ( printed journal (published since 1923) in October 2022 and sent to all participants of the round table. The journal has been in existence for 105 years and is the oldest methodological journal in Russia. The publication of materials is for free, with a volume of 0.3-0.5 printed sheets.


Each participant is invited to give detailed answers to the following questions:

1. Can school textbooks (educational media) barometer public sentiment and political attitudes?
2. What indicators of crisis recognition can be used to study the texts of school textbooks in the framework of quantitative and qualitative analysis?
3. Is it possible to reduce social tension by harmonizing textbooks and their visual content?
4. Does the visual content influence the formation of images of the enemy and other social and ethnic tension triggers?
5. What ways to counteract the distortion of the content of textbooks and the spread of propaganda images can be used when creating textbooks by groups of authors?
6. Can ethical standards be created for the preparation of the content of school textbooks in conflict regions?
7. Open space. You can freely highlight a problem that you wish.

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Free Registrations

Since the number of speakers is strictly limited, I ask you to give an answer about participating in the round table precisely until July 15, 2022 via mail

Valery Goncharov
The Head of Terveluna Q&Q Research Group

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